El Grande de Grandes VIII — Event Rules

Click here to download the complete file of rules of the competition in Adobe PDF format.


  1. The different groups of dances of the country can participate, in the levels of basic (In category TRADITIONAL AND ELITE), average (In category TRADITIONAL AND ELITE), graduates and extracurricular with projection. (In the category graduates enter the groups representing universities of all the country as long as the dancers present all the documentation without right to reinforcements of collegial and extracurricular groups outside the institution)
  2. The basic and middle levels will be divided into TRADITIONAL AND ELITE only as long as there are at least 10 groups registered per subcategory, otherwise, there will be no ELITE subdivisions.
  3. Each instructor or director will register their group in the category they consider relevant, for the TRADITIONAL category in Basic all groups enter except for those who stayed in the top 10 places of the FESTIVAL NATIONAL OFFICIAL BASIC they can automatically compete in the ELITE category; for the TRADITIONAL category in MEDIA, groups will compete formed by students of the Third Cycle of Basic Education and groups that have not entered the top 10 places of the NATIONAL FESTIVAL OFFICIAL OF MEDIA. And for the ELITE category all the groups that are find in the first places of the ranking at national level and conformed by career students.
  4. However, each instructor that has been left out of the first 10 places can compete in the category that you consider convenient.
  5. Basic, average and graduates must register two (2) dances to be raffled leaving the discarded for competition.
  6. Schools and colleges must submit a UNIQUE NUMBER OF 6 COUPLES and at an extra-curricular level with a minimum of 6 couples and a maximum of 12 couples, the groups of graduates a UNIQUE NUMBER OF 6 COUPLES, the instructor You can use two dancers from the media group in case it is necessary and a couple from the out-of-school group as long as he is the director and as reinforcement to the competition group. NO INCOME WILL BE ALLOWED GROUP TO PEOPLE AGENAS TO WHAT THE DANCERS ARE, THE INSTRUCTOR AND THE DIRECTOR.
  7. After-school groups must present a 10-minute program maximum and 8:00 minutes minimum, music, choreography, creativity it is the freedom of the instructor, the attachment to the characteristics of the customs and traditions of our country is demanded.
  8. After-school groups can present any song used in the passed by other groups as long as the figures, steps and creativity are own of the instructor.
  9. If the participation with potpourri will be allowed, on the part of the groups, extracurricular.
  10. Extracurricular groups may present dances with laces or synthesized in musical cuts within his choreographic proposal without losing the essence of them.
  11. Instructors and principals who participate in various categories by repeating dancers should walk a general list to the e-mail orolencafolklore@gmail.com.
  12. The instructors responsible for the groups must present a cassette, CD, or the storage device with the dance to participate, inform the organizers 5 days in advance, if the group will be accompanied by a musical set.
  13. If a technical problem arises during the participation of the group in competition, he will have the right to repeat his dance.
  14. Any group will be disqualified if advice from the instructor or by someone who has links with the group
  15. The order of participation of each institution will be by lottery, the dance of competition, which will be held on Wednesday 24 at 9:00 p.m. via live video (live video) on Facebook
  16. If there is a problem of indiscipline on the part of instructors or participants of the groups before, during and after the event, will be applied the sanctions as deemed appropriate.
  17. A space will be assigned inside the CEBAPN facilities, in classrooms class for each group, which will be accompanied by an aide-de-camp, each group is responsible for maintaining order discipline and cleanliness, any anomaly will be informed to the organizing committee and may be counterproductive in results obtained in the competition, the aide-de-camp will be in charge of verify that all personnel entered with the group participate in the activities dancers, if there is someone else, this will inform the committee organizer and later to the jury to execute a 10% drop on the rating earned.
  18. Instructors are kindly asked to bring semi-prepared to their groups prior to their income and after-school groups may enter with their props up to started the media competition.
  19. After-school groups must submit 8 required copies with the name of the group, name of the program and a description of the show present for the qualifying jury, in case of not presenting this document will also be a downgrade in the rating.
  20. Each group should send a clear and beautiful image of their group with the following information: NAME OF THE GROUP, LEVEL OF COMPETITION, NAME OF THE INSTRUCTOR, PLACE OF ORIGIN to WhatsApp: 97101908 with NELSON RAMIRES or our emails the they will be uploaded to the INSTAGRAM account of ORO LENCA (@orolencahn) and will be voted on through likes (I like you) for the SOCIAL MEDIA award, only the votes of people who like (like) to the account will be validated.
  21. Bars can use any type of instrument and materials to support to their groups, they are responsible for the area where they are located and they are asked to greater respect to the other bars, general public and groups participants, in case of any impasse outside this provision the group to which support you will be reprimanded with a 10 point drop in your score obtained.
  22. Clothing will not be rated, in any of the levels however the groups of basic, average and graduates, must carry it correctly and must be attached to norms and standards of the Office of National Folklore, this does not necessarily must be according to the origin of the dance, just like the extracurricular activities if they make use at a certain moment of their show official costumes, in case of wearing a suit with different characteristics or of wrong way 5 points of the obtained qualification will be subtracted and this disposition will be informed by the qualifying jury to the organizing committee, only the groups After-school children have the freedom to wear a projection wardrobe.
  23. The assigned aide will be responsible for attending to your group DURING the event, we do not promise to look for lodging, but if a table with hotel phone numbers approved to execute contacts direct.
  24. We suggest participants bring jackets or coats as October marks the start of the cold season in our city.
  25. It is scheduled to close the event before 6 o'clock in the afternoon.
  26. There will be a Police, FUSINA, FIRE AND RED CROSS presence.
  27. There will be a dance party and to enter it each group should go accompanied by its director, the place where it will be carried out will be informed the day of the event.


As a way to support our local craftsmen we request visitors wear a traditional Lenca garment or accessory.

There will be tents selling them and providing facilities to the dancers of all the groups.



The dance will be graded in a general way according to the following aspects:

  • Coordination (30 points)
  • Rhythm (20 points)
  • Expression (30 points)
  • Choreography (20 points)


  • Coordination (15 points)
  • Expression (20 points)
  • Rhythm (15 points)
  • Costumes and props (15 points)
  • Creativity (15 points)
  • ORIGINALITY (20 points)


Definitions and Interpretation

Coordination: Uniformity of movements and steps in the execution of the dance.

Rhythm: It is the accented regular movement of the dancers according to the compasses musical.

Expression: It is the way the feelings and meanings of the dances are expressed through of the experience, gestures and body movements.

Choreography: The way to travel, movements of the dances, figures and correct steps.

Creativity: Ability of each group to represent in an original way facts making use of music, steps, displacements, props, costumes and other elements, clearly transmitting the message to the spectator audience.

Regarding the Jury

  1. The qualifying jury will be composed of people of recognized ability in the field of folk dances among them Instructors and compilers with great experience.
  2. No member of the qualifying jury shall have any connection with the groups to participate.
  3. The jury's decision is final and will be governed by guidelines of the established bases.

Regarding Registration:

  • 500.00 LPS for Basic groups, 600.00 LPS Media, 700.00 LPS Graduates and 800.00 LPS for out-of-school students, the payment must be made before WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, in the account 213050000696 of Banco de Occidente in favor of Johann Serén Castillo and send the receipt via WHATSAPP to 97632642 to register payment.
  • A previous form must be completed with the registration data of each group via ONLINE for this you must visit www.orolenca.org and make your registration, the form will be available on Monday 8 until Monday October 22 at noon so you must make it in advance. (COMPULSORY) EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT COMPLY WITH THIS DISPOCISION WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT IN QUALITY OF COMPETITOR.
  • In the online platform the groups of basic, media and graduates must Record the two dances listed for the raffle.
  • At the entrance to the event each instructor must deliver only the receipt of payment, the proof of online registration for the extracurriculars, plus the constancy of the director of the institution for the officers and more copy of the titles for the graduates.
  • The organizing committee will deliver tickets for the registered dancers online, the instructor and the director of the institution, with the right to snack.
  • On Wednesday the 24th the raffle of participation and dances will be held through the Facebook profile of the Ballet Folklorico de Honduras Oro Lenca in point from 9:00 at night.
  • In case of institutions that handle all levels will be specially treated for their admission, but they must carry out the registration for each level, even if the names of the dancers.
  • Three large trash bags will be delivered to be used in the area assigned to them and thus maintain cleanliness. PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

Regarding Awards

  1. It will be awarded from first to third place in the basic and media categories with trophy, the graduates will be awarded to third place. And out of school until fourth place.
  2. The first places will be awarded cash.
  3. Special prizes will be available to the organizing committee.
  4. The best dancer and dancer will be awarded, the best bar, the best stage presence, better costumes, social media, better choreographic proposal among others.
  5. The first place will be for the group that gets the highest score during the event with the right to raise the trophy of maximum winner.


All the participating Groups will be given an acknowledgment alluding to the event.


Groups of 30 or more will recieve the group price of 50.00 LPS per person (with advance notice).

EL GRANDE DE GRANDES 2018 will be held on Saturday 27th October from 8:00 AM at THE BASIC EDUCATION CENTER PEDRO NUFIO from La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras C.A.

For more information, contact cel .: 97632642 our director Prof. Johann Serén Castillo


List of Hotels Available to Groups and Visitors