Press Releases

Our Director Declared Distinguished Intibucano

21 April 2018, Intibucá Honduras Last night during the development of #SeñoritaIntibucá2018 the Departmental Governor of Intibucá lawyer Hodalma Benítez granted our director Johann Seren Castillo a special recognition within the framework of the 135th anniversary of the creation of our department, naming him INTIBUCÁNO DISTINGUIDO, it was a very special moment. We are proud of our director, an intimate lover of this land, its culture, its folklore, its traditions and its people! THANK YOU GOVERNOR!

Folklórico Oro Lenca to receive BID Gold Award of Excellence in Frankfurt, Germany

28 January 2018 9:45 A.M., La Esperanza, Honduras. Business Initiative Directions (BID) announced the selection of Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca de Honduras to receive the Category Gold Award, which will presented to the International Quality Convention the 17 and 18 of March 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ballet Folklorico Oro Lenca is to be presented the Business Initiative Directions (BID) Gold Award of Quality. The BID Quality Award is a mark of excellence achieved by organizations that, in the philosophy of continuous improvement, have become drivers of innovation. The award recogizes progress, achievement, and solutions realized by an organization along with business and community leaders to reach an international level of success that before seemed unreachable. The award is presented as a catalyst for the benefit of the community where it operates. To receive the BID Quality Award is to become part of a team of companies, institutions, organizations and outstanding visionary business leaders, whose presence in 179 countries worldwide, represents entrepreneurship, success and Total Quality.

Contributing to the success of Oro Lenca are not only our director Johann Seren and the organizational core of 60 dancers and and support personnel, but also family members, people and businesses in the community, and government at local (the municipalities of La Esperanza and Intibucá), departamental and national levels.