El Grande de Grandes VII

National Folk Festival and Dance Competition — La Esperanza, Intibucá



EL GRANDE DE GRANDES VII EDICION 2017 will occur Saturday the 28th Of October starting at 8:30 AM in the following location:


Barrio Plaza de Armas
La Esperanza, Intibucá
Honduras C.A.


El Grande de Grandes.
Oro Lenca te invita — El Grande de Grandes 2016


El Grande de Grandes.


On the members of Oro Lenca organized the National Folk Festival, «El Grande de Grandes». This was a new folk dance that more than a thousand dancers attended from all regions of Honduras. It has become an importantan influential event in the national fabric of dance in Honduras. Well known and influential artists attend this highly ancipated event. The year 2012 saw the second edition of "El Grande de Grandes" occur on , again coordinated by the folk dance droup Oro Lenca.


El Grande de Grandes.
Oro Lenca invites you — El Grande de Grandes


The date for Grande de Grandes in was changed to the last Saturday in July when La Esperanza was declared the capital of Criollo Folklore. (Criollo, or creole in English, is the mixture of indigenous and Spanish folklore characteristic of the Honduran region encompassed by Intibucá.) The festival was institionalized by executive decree of the Secretary of Culture, Arts, and Sports to occur the last Saturday of July each year (except 2015) and dedicated to in memory of Rafael Manzanares Aguilar Digno, a native son of La Esperanza and recognized as the father of Honduran folklore.


El Grande de Grandes — National folk festival and competition


The date for the next edition of El Grande de Grandes is .