Grupo Folklórico Oro Lenca

Dancers of the Grupo Folklórico Oro Lenca dance in El Grande de Grandes 2015.

Grupo Folklórico Oro Lenca in El Grande de Grandes 2015

Name Description Details
La Guanesteña (00:00) This creole danza is a polka from Catacamas in the department of Olancho, documented relatively recently by Everth Zelaya. More
Los Caballitos (02:25) This dance compiled by Rafael Manzanares Aguilar in the city of Yoro is reminiscent carousels with horses installed at fairs and carnivals. More
El Palito Verde (04:32) This creole dance compiled by Carlos Gómez was danced on special occasions on a farm called Palito Verde (Little Green Tree), located in Trinidad, Department of Santa Bárbara. More