Más Música Más Esperanza

“It is worth dreaming, it is worth believing, it is worth living, and as long as the music plays, we will always have hope.” Nimrod Rodriguez

Let the Music Play

MÁS MÚSICA MÁS ESPERANZA is a Chamber Orchestra of San Pedro Sula. We perform in places in Honduras where music does not come easily using our art as an agent of positive change, where each note brings hope. The MMME project and Orchestra is directed by the young pianist-musician Nimrod Antonio Rodriguez, winner of the prestigious TOYP 2015 award (TEN OUSTANDING YOUNG PERSONS OF THE WORLD), as also a great accompanist pianist performing with international musicians as a German Main of the Berlin Philharmonic Klaus Stoll, the principal Maria Colombari violas in the National Orchestra of Costa Rica, Maestro Carlos Hermida de México, Dennette McDemortt Flute player at Baton Rouge University in Louisiana, the violinist of the Munich Philharmonic Iason Keramidis of Greece and German cellist Julian Bachmann

He has shared baton with great concert masters such as the Choirmaster José Antonio Gonzales, Marcela Fernandez of the Project Uremu, Hector David Aguilar violinist international and the Grammy Award nominee Master Susan Siman of Venezuela.

The project that is made up of three blocks for cultural reach throughout our country. The Main Objective is to educate children and young people, not only in music but in the painting, modeling, dance, networks social skills, poetry and photography. We have three special blocks:

Primer Bloque: Ochestra Más Música Más Esperanza

The Orchestra was born in July 2015 with the first concert of graduates of the School of Music Victoriano López including as the special guest the musician and composer Guillermo Anderson.

In 2016, the official launch was made at the José Francisco Saybe Theater with the tribute concert “Bocelli in the Soul” where there was a special participation of the USAP Choir directed by Maestro José Antonio Gonzales. The concert was held on October 26, 2016.
In 2017, the second tribute to Boccelli in the Soul was made, with the special participation of the violinist Hector David. The choir of the sampedrano cultural center was invited, as well as musicians recognized as the Hibriduzz Jazz bassist Isaac Bustillo and the Spanish singer Beatriz Aranda.
They create strategic alliance More Music More Hope and The Folk Group of Honduras Oro. This strategic alliance has brought benefits to both groups that managed to be coupled as a single group with the motto QUE SUENE LA MUSICA Y QUE BAILE ORO LENCA.

Second Block: The music is to share joy and hope.

Music is a gift that must always be available to everyone. This vision has made us present ourselves in different places and settings of Honduras, to share our art with all people, no matter the stature or number in audience, but to those who want to hear notes full of passion that convey hope. We always close with Honduran music thus rescuing its value, and the culture we have, promoting love for our country with art.

A continuación, detallaremos algunos lugares donde nos hemos presentado.

Third Block: Vivalde Reloaded

The latest Block is designed to create professional growth for the musicians of our city, San Pedro Sula in Honduras. With the goal of achieving it this year we begin to perform concerts and workshops with national artists recognized as the Master Héctor David Aguilar violinist of outstanding international tour, innovating with an avant-garde concert of the 4 stations of Vivaldi.

Vivaldi Reloaded is a staging of the four seasons of Vivaldi, with a touch modern with band instruments rock, and sequences, respecting the scores originals but creating an atmosphere different from this representative work.

The soloist is the teacher Hector David Aguilar Born in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. His first piano teacher was his father and then completed musical studies at the "Victoriano López" Music School of the city of San Pedro Sula. Hector David, is considered one of the best violinists in Your country as well as Latin America. His style unique ensures its virtuous quality in its instrument. Héctor David has participated in side of countless singers, preachers and government entities and of charity, which has led him to appear in a lot of scenarios importance worldwide. 2 winner ARPA awards for best album instrumental / coral, one in 2005 with the ADONAI album and one the year 2009 with the SEMPER FI album.

We will present an orchestra of 24 musicians (10 violins, 4 Violas, 4 cellos, 1 guitar, 1 bass, drums, 1 keyboard, solo violinist, director of orchestra) or the minimum of 18. Orchestra of Strings and Band.

Starting in the 2017–2018 season we developed the Más Música Más Esperanza camp together with the UREMU project. This project is a free orchestral music education program for Honduran children and youth. Invides include the Serbian violinist virtuoso Dr. Andrej Kurti and the Orchestra Director Susan Siman, which was nominated for the awards Grammy Award.


Oro Lenca and Más Música Más Esperanza perform together in El Grande de Grandes 2019