Bailerines frente a la iglesia en Guajiniquil

Costume origins

The Guajiniquil Creole costume was compiled from 22 to 26 March 2008 in the village of Guajiniquil by Lic. Johann Edmundo Serene Castle. In the photo, members of Oro Lenca pose in front of the ancient Catholic Church of Guajiniquil.

Bailerines en el vestido de Guajiniquil

Guajiniquil Costume

Dancers Elmer Yonery Zelaya Molina and Scarlet Miribi Galeas Tosta.

Frente de la blusa

Blouse front

The blouse is with a notched neck with a two-peaked gorge in front. As accessories, in the neck he used a combined camándula of preference with the dress, earrings of natural seeds, also of gold, silver or gilded fantasy jewelry.

Atras de la blusa de Guajiniquil

Blouse back

The blouse is with a V-shaped neck and round the back, with a one-beaked, V-shaped trim.

Manga de la blusa

Blouse arm and cuff

The sleeves are short and baggy with a V-shaped edge and at the end the detail of the ribbon overlapped in the lace.

La falda de Guajiniquil


The skirt is with bell cut and consists of two flights at the end of it. Flights are decorated on the border with white lace.

Camisa frente de Guajiniquil

Shirt front

The shirt is formal and light-colored in the chest wears a rectangle on each side bolstered and on the top and bottom of the rectangle carries a little color of the trousers. The collar of the shirt is normal and the buttons are transparent small.

Camisa atras de Guajiniquil

Camisa atras

The same edge in a line crosses all the back forming a V.

Manga de la camisa de Guajiniquil

Shirt sleeve

The sleeves of the shirt have a border of the same color of the pants.