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El Grande de Grandes 2016
[Canal Noticias TNH 8, ] Jorge Torres. National Folklore Festival “El Grande de Grandes 2016”.


Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca of Honduras among the 12 best in the World
[Somos, ] The National Dance Ballet Oro Lenca of Intibucá shows off Honduran culture and art as it is distinguished as being among the top 12 Folklore groups worldwide, according to the World Council of Folklore.


12 companies join forces to strengthen Honduras Brand
[La Tribuna, ] The brand strategy Marca País Honduras signed agreements in the Presidential Palace with Oro Lenca and 11 other important companies from different areas of the country.


Gold Medal and Parchment awarded Ballet Folclórico de Intibucá
[La Tribuna, ] The National Congress, in a solemn ceremony, recognized the artistic group El Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca as a cultural heritage of the nation.


Oro Lenca Finishes a Successful Tour in Mexico
[El Heraldo, ] Gustavo Banegas. The group from La Esperanza, Intibucá, performed in Mexico City, Saltillo, Coahuila.


In Saltillo Folklore Lives
[Zócalo Saltillo, ] Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Por Sylvia Geogina Estrada. Colorful dances fill the Plaza de Armas with excitement at the international folklore festival.


Oro Lenca arrived in Saltillo for International Folk Dance Festival "Tierra del Sol"
[RCG Radio y Televisión, ] Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. The Ballet Folklorico "gold Lenca de la Esperanza", from Honduras, arrived in Saltillo for the 438 anniversary International Festival. Around 9:00 o'clock and with more than 600 people as witnesses, the Plaza de Armas is dazzled with more than 12 dancers who delighted the audience to the rhythm of the Honduran music.


Oro Lenca ~ Together for Honduras 2014
[Teleprogreso, ] Teleprogreso Mi canal. Special report sending to us the pace and passion that exists in Washington DC in civic events for the 193 years of independence of Honduras.


Colorful folk festival in La Esperanza, Intibucá
[El Heraldo, ] Gustavo Banegas. The Ballet Oro Lenca once again organized an the extraodinary event that brings dance groups from all over the country to La Esperanza.


El Grande de Grandes
[Honduras Tips, ] You have an appointment with the art, music, and dance of Honduras at the folklore festival El Grande de Grandes.


5 Anos cumple el Ballet Folklorico Oro Lenca de Foundacion
[, ] Jhoan Sebastian Amaya Martinez. The Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca celebrates its five year anniversary on December 18, 2013.


Oro Lenca, un orgullo intibucano
[El Heraldo, ] El Heraldo Gustavo Banegas. The folklore group Oro Lenca has been noted for being an ambassador of the Honduran traditions and dances. A huge passion for dance and the endeavour to rescue folk traditions led the folkloric ballet Oro Lenca to have a very important place in Honduran culture today.


Miles participan en la fiesta catracha
[El Heraldo ] WASHINGTON, Estados Unidos. The Embassy of Honduras in the United States held the "Juntos por Honduras 2013" festival to celebrate the Independence Day of Honduras. There was a continuous show for 7 hours with the presentation of artists from the Honduran folk groups Raíces Hondureñas from Maryland and Oro Lenca from La Esperanza, Intibucá.


Celebration in Prince George's Jail
[El Tiempo Latino: A Publication of The Washington Post, Washington DC, ] Milagros Meléndez-Vela. Event held for the fifth year allows Hispanic prisoners celebrate their tradition.


Juntos por Honduras 2013: Memorable Celebracion de Independencia en EEUU
[Embajada de Honduras, Washington DC, ] The 2013 independence day celebration included presentations by the folklore dance groups Raíces Hondureñas of Maryland and Oro Lenca from Intibucá, and other artists.


Derroche de folclor y talento en festival de La Esperanza
[La Prensa, ] Carlos Rodríguez. Cultural authorities proclaim this city as the capital of the Honduran National Folklore. Children and young members of folk dance groups from various regions of Honduras gather in the city of La Esperanza, Intibucá, to participate in the third annual folklore festival Grande de Grandes.


Tributo al folklorista Rafael Manzanares
[La Prensa, ] Government and municipal authorities gathered to honor to the legacy of a great son of La Esperanza, Rafael Manzanares. The meeting also served to read the decree declaring La Esperanza as the national capital of the Honduran Folklore and formalize that the folklore festival Grande de Grandes will occur on the last Saturday of July each year.


Oro Lenca destaca en gira por Estados Unidos
[El Heraldo ] Gustavo Banegas. The folklore group from La Esperanza, Oro Lenca, was included among artists invited to the International Festival Juntos por Honduras. Once again the folk dance group put up the name of Honduras internationally.


Honduras celebró fiesta de Independencia Patria en Washington
[El Heraldo, ] Washington, Estados Unidos. A taste of Honduran culture was the epicenter of the celebration of the 191 anniversary of the independence of Honduras. Hondurans in the DC metropolitan region enjoyed the music of the folk dance groups Oro Lenca and Raíces Hondureñas.


¡La Esperanza e Intibucá estuvieron de fiesta!
[Honduras Tips, ] Johanna Pérez. The Queen of Choro Festival and members of the folk ballet Oro Lenca.


Ballet folklórico Oro Lenca: CAI, una mezcla de baile y pasión
[Honduras Tips, ] The Company Artistic Intibucana, CAI, born in 2004 of the need to infuse art and culture in the region around ​​La Esperanza, Intibucá. The project was successful until 2006, when it was suspended for reasons unrelated to the company. Then in 2009, with Johann Seren Castillo a member of the CAI, it resumes the project and then officially founded the Ballet Folklorico Oro Lenca.