Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca en México

Ballet Folklórico de Honduras Oro Lenca represented Honduras in Mexico.

On July 16, 2015, sent by the Presidency and after an emotional farewell by the president of the republic Juan Orlando Hernández and his wife Ana García de Hernández, the Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca of La Esperanza Intibucá left for Mexico under the direction of Johann Seren Castillo with a total of 12 experienced dancers, in order to be the representative of Honduras in the eighth edition of the Tierra del Sol festival with delegations from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico to show the world the beauty and the colorful of the folkloric manifestations in each country, in different states of the Aztec nation, among them THE FEDERAL DISTRICT, VERACRUZ AND COAHUILA.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez Orozco, of the dance company Fiestas de México based in Tultitlan state of Mexico, was a wonderful host for an event that seeks to unite bonds of friendship between peoples of the world through dance and folk music.

Oro Lenca performed in the major theaters of Mexico City as well as in towns such as Temascalcingo, Atizapan de Zaragoza, Tultitlan. Oro Lenca through links made by Fiestas de México had the opportunity to travel to the city of Orizaba, Veracruz state where it took participated with international delegations at the Second Orizaba International Festival 2015. The Ballet Folklórico de Orizaba directed by Erasto Gómez Santa Rosa hosted the event. Participation of Oro Lenca was also supported by Arturo Cueto, promoter of different folk groups from around the world.

Oro Lenca performed a repertoire of 50 national folkloric dances including La Tuza, La Campesina, La Duyureña, El Guapango Chorotega, La Guanesteña, Raices de los Castilianes throughout the tour. The director Johann Seren also included dances and songs Corrido a Honduras, virgen de Suyapa, Orgullosamente Catrachos, Mi Tierra Honduras, La Sucia, Punta Machetes, Xique Punta. These were supported by by different props and colorful costumes representative of all the regions of Honduras, highlighting the intibucanos costumes and accentuating the beauty and representativeness of Garífuna costumes. Oro Lenca was well-received by the Mexican public in each of their presentations that lasted from 10 minutes to two hours, depending on each place and stage.

Outside the scenes, the lights, the calls, Oro Lenca had the opportunity to visit historical places of the Mexican Republic in tours prepared by the hosts highlighting, the Basilica of Guadalupe, the pyramids of Teotihuacán, Garibaldi Square, the Angel of Independence in the captial, the viewpoint of the Cerro del Borrego in Orizaba and its historic center, the desert museum in Saltillo and its beautiful squares.

The members of the group enjoyed excellent events that set guidelines for establishing relationships and bonds of friendship between Honduras and the rest of the participating delegations, so much that Oro Lenca is preparing to bring catrachas 2016 to the dance company Fiestas de México and the Mariachi Junior Estrella from Jalisco.

After completing their tour, the dancers returned to Honduras on August 2 with suitcases loaded with recognitions and awards that contribute to the glories that make Honduras a great country in the eyes of the international community.

The Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca Folkloric Ballet was founded in 2008. Today it is one of the principle exponents of Honduran folklore nationally and internationally. The group has performed throughout Honduras and three times in the United States, in other countries in Central America, once in South America and this time in Mexico. The group is preparing to represent Honduras again in the International Festival Juntos for Honduras 2015 on September 13 in the United States at the invitation of the Embassy of Honduras in Washington D.C.

Words by the director, Johann Seren Castillo (translated):

As director of the Oro Lenca Folkloric Ballet, I am proud to be at the head of this great project that contributes to the aggrandizement of Honduras by showing the world that we are a country that is rich in customs and traditions. This project is made possible with the blessing first of God, the support from parents of the dancers, the support of our local authorities, departmental and national; saying this, I don't want to leave out the principle factor, which is the love and commitment that our dancers make, doing what they do with passion and dedication.

I return from Mexico, one of the greatest experiences in my artistic career. Without a doubt Mexico has won the title of capital of folklore of the world. Definitely the teacher Juan Carlos Rodríguez Orozco, the Lic. Alberto Curiel, the teacher Mayra Rodríguez and all his Fiestas de México team made us feel at home along with all of the wonderful people who welcomed us in countless beautiful places of that beautiful Aztec land. I take my hat off before the masterful organization of Tierra del Sol 2015.

I also thank the consular corps of the Mexican embassy in Honduras for the total support they provided in documents for my dancers. We also enjoyed the support of consular staff of Honduras in Mexico.

Living with people of different cultures and establishing bonds of friendship sharing dances, traditions, gastronomy among many other things have favored the aggrandizement as people and professionals both to me and my young dancers.

I urge the authorities of my country and all nations to cultivate and support this type of initiative, art is one of the windows to give light to the progress of the peoples of the world. We definitely bring Mexico into our hearts, rivals on the soccer fields but brothers on the stage.