Upcoming Events

There are more events than listed here. For more information, you can send us an email or enquire in the Palacio Municipal or at the Centro Cultural en La Esperanza.


17 to 21 February 2016 — On tour in Nicaragua
By invitation of the Honduran Embassy in Mansagua, Nigaragua.
Under the direction of Maestro Johann Seren Castillo, The Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca is participating in El Evento Cultural II en Nicaragua, Saturday the 20th of February in La Plaza de los Colores, Pt. Salvador Allende.


July-August 2016 — On Tour in Italia
Paritipating in dance festivals and touring communities in Italy.


September 2016 — Juntos por Honduras in the USA
By invitation of the Honduran Embassy in Washington, DC., The Ballet Folklórico Oro Lenca is praticipating in Juntos por Honduras, a Honduras Independance Day celebration in Washington DC.


Saturday, 24 October 2016 — El Grande de Grandes
Oro Lenca hosts El Grande de Grandes, an international dance competition and meeting of folk dance groups from all parts of Honduras and, for the first time this year, other countries in the Americas.
Designated in the Last Saturday in July. Tis year only, el Grande de Grandes has been moved to October as we'll be on tour in Europe in July-August.


Bring your camera! Photographing dancers at these colorful presentations is always welcomed.