Birth of a folk art group

Oro Lenca was born under the coordination of Professor Johann Seren. Johann Seren was a primary school teacher who had participate in Honduran folk dances from child. As a member of the National Association of Instructors he had served as instructor of several groups including:


  • Escuela Normal de Occidente folk dance group
  • Instituto Departamental de Occidente folk dance group
  • Instituto Hector Orlando Gomez Cisneros folk dance group
  • Grupo Folklorico Icelaca
  • Grupo Folklorico Lentercala


With these groups he became experienced at instructing and producing folk dance both inside and outside the country.


Prof. Johann Seren, director and founder of Oro Lenca with the dancer Suanny Rivera.


With Johann Seren's accumulated experience and with the support of former dancers of these groups and the mayor of La Esperanza, Dr. Miguel Antonio Fajardo, Johann Seren was decided to start with the new group in La Esperanza. Oro Lenca initially consisted of 10 couples. The new group performed for the first time in the House of Culture of La Esperanza on . Receiving public acceptance, the group made its national debut on of the same year in the industrial capital of San Pedro Sula Country under the fair Juniana. This debut was supported by Prof. Vicente Reyes, who showed interest in Oro Lenca, and with close ties to the group is regarded as our sponsor.