Oro Lenca Today

ORO LENCA today is among the most symbolic national folklore groups featuring in each of its shows innovative choreography with fresh ideas. It is giving a new face to Honduran folklore. The group's work is based on ancestral roots but also brings a fresh vision incorporating into its choreography songs from modern song writers like Guillermo Anderson, Moises Canelo, Polache among others, so becoming one of the most prestigious groups in the country with more than 50 members including dancers, staff, and logistics. The group manages a large repertoire of traditional dances along with the large selection of apparel and props that araae associated with thes dances.


Dancers at the National Stage Manuel Bonilla in Tegucigalpa,


This coming as Oro Lenca celebrates its fifth anniversary it is experiencing a very successful time adding recoginition to the names of Intibucá across the country and of both Intibucá and Honduras across national boundaries.


Definitely in the field and folk character Oro Lenca has a great advantage in that it is immersed in the traditional culture of Intibucá which is still very much alive. Unlike creole and colonial culture in other regions, indigeneous sources in Intibucá can still confirm the authenticity of the folklore that we share with the world as many sources and practitioners of traditional, festive and religious folk culture are still present in La Esperanza and other areas of Intibucá.


With the President of the Republic in his office,


In mid a group of hopeful but experienced young dancers along with fans of folklore founded the Folk Ballet Oro Lenca. Now, five years since that day, Oro Lenca has been recognized by authorities in the world of folklore and by the government in Honduras. The group has tanken its place among the country's most important folk art groups, receiving awards and recognition throughout the length and breadth as well as receiving the title of National Champion in top competition. Oro Lenca has brought additional recognition to Intibucá as a cultural center and become one of the icons and attractions for which tourists visit La Esperanza.

A mediados del mes de Diciembre del 2008 una comisión de jóvenes esperanzanos bailarines de danza reconocidos por autoridades del mundo del folklore hondureño y hasta por el Gobierno Central y convirtiéndonos en uno de los iconos y atractivos por lo que los turistas visitan La Esperanza.