Welcome from Honduras

Welcome from Honduras

Oro Lenca was founded by Johann Seren Castillo in 2008. Our goal is to celebrate our culture, with no distinction founded on religion, politics, or lineage. Most importantly, we must think of peace and friendship between the peoples of Honduras and the world.

Traje criollo de la aldea de Guajiniquil.

Costume from Guajiniquil

This folk costume was researched from March 22 to March 26, 2008, in the village of Guajiniquil by Professor Johann Edmundo Seren Castillo. For more information, click here.

El Grande de Grandes se convoca el ultimo jueves en julio cada año.

El Grande de Grandes

Each year Oro Lenca proudly hosts "El Grande de Grandes", which is a national competition and meeting of dance groups from all parts of Honduras. This spectacular presentation is dedicated in memory of Rafael Manzanares Aguilar Digno, who is known as the father of Honduran folklore. El Grande de Grandes will be on .

Nuestra sastre Annie Haylock de Orellana

Our tailor

Annie Haylock de Orellana is our estraordinary and versatile tailor who dedicates her hours to sewing the dresses and outfits for our dancers. Pieces of our dresses fill the rooms and hallways of her home. We love her work and feel that it is a great honor to share these beautiful dresses and costumes with our friends, our communities, and the world. Annie is a treasure of Intibucá.

Tributes and Honors

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    A tribute to Rafael Manzanares Aguilar father of folklore.

    01 June 2014

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    Dedication to Juan Antonio Bendeck for support and affection.

    01 June 2014

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    Honor to those who merit honor with special admiration.

    01 July 2014

Our Heritage

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    Instituto Dr. Jorge Fidel Duron, Grande de Grandes 2012.

    Grande de Grandes 2012

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    Oro Lenca, we look forward to seeing you at El Grande de Grandes.

    14 July 2014

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    Universidad Catolica de Honduras, Grande de Grandes 2012.

    Grande de Grandes 2012

El Grande de Grandes — Edición 2014

El Grande de Grandes - 2014.

Click here for more information about El Grande de Grandes

Welcome to the website of Grupo Folklórico Oro Lenca

Oro Lenca is a very active Honduran folk dance group based in La Esperanza, Intibucá. Since our founding in 2008 we have dedicated to rescue and preserve the spirit and authenticity of Honduran folk dance and share it with our countrymen and those of other countries.


Our repertoire includes dance of origin Indian, Creole, and Spanish colonial heritage of Honduras. We have performed in many different competitions in Honduras and in the United States. We host "El Grande de Grandes", a national dance competition that takes place in La Esperanza each year in July during the potato festival.


We have a large selection of stunning traditional outfits that cover many of the regions of Honduran. They are well researched and recreated with care by our experts in costumes and seamstress. All costumes are complemented by authentic pieces of jewelry and accessories.